Times, Tiers and Fees

The 2017 competitive league starts with a free kickoff tournament on Saturday April 29 and then runs every thursday (weather permitting) starting on Thursday April 27 at 6:15 PM for 20 weeks and ends with a finale tournament on Saturday September 9.

Tiers are built dynamically based upon the skills exhibited by the players. All players will start the season in the "Evaluating" tier and after a player's 5th round they'll be placed within a tier of like-skilled players. Each subsequent week their current tier will be evaluated based upon their best 5 rounds and potentially be moved to a more competitive tier, after their 10th round the tier seeding will be permanent. The goal is keep all tier, not including tier 5 (the new player tier) within 5 strokes from top to bottom.

League fee is $5.00 per week with $3.00 going towards payout, $1.00 donated to EDGA, and $1.00 going to an ace pot. With an estimated 35+ participating each week that yields a conservative $2,800+ combined payout at the year-end competitive league finale tournament.


All rounds must be tracked on an EDGA supplied scorecard. Rounds not recorded on a scorecard will be not be tracked and will not count towards your attendance (see below).

All PDGA rules are in effect and the EDGA Executive will ultimately decide on any disagreements that can't be resolved by consulting the PDGA rulebook.

All Rundle Park Disc Golf Course rules, mandatories, out of bounds lines, etc. are in effect.

Scores, Averages & Final Rankings

Year-end payout will be dependent on league attendance. Each player's 10 best rounds (or 50% attendance) will be averaged together to calculate their final year score. All rounds not included in that calculation will be discarded.

Example: Shayne attended 16 league nights and scored: 54, 59, 62, 49, 52, 52, 71, 52, 56, 55, 54, 50, 63, 51, 49 & 55 throughout the season. 59, 62, 71, 56 55, & 63 would be discarded and the remaining scores would be averaged for a final score of 51.8.

The player's season average multiplied by 2 will be combined with the scores attained in the EDGA Competitive League Finale tournament to decide who wins each of the divisions.

Example: Shayne ends the season with an average round of 51.8 and in his first tournament round gets a 57 and in his second he gets a 51. Shayne's final score will be calculated as (52.09 * 2) + 57 + 51 for a final score of 211.6.

Once the final combined score for each player is calculated it will be used to rank players within their division. The player with the lowest score in each division will ultimately win their division however payout will be issued to the top 50% (rounded up) of each division.

Attendance & Payout

To receive 100% payout an attendance of at least 10 rounds is required. If a player attends less than 10 of the league nights their winnings will be decreased by the amount they didn't attend and the result will be donated to EDGA's general fund. If the player's attendance is less than 5 rounds they will not qualify for final payout and they will be omitted when ranking each division. Payout amounts will be determined using the latest PDGA tournament payout calculator.

PDGA_PayTables-2012.2.10.xls (50% payout method)

Example: A division has 8 players meaning that the top 4 will be paid out. The total amount in the payout pool is $1000. Shayne finished first and attended 18 of the league nights, Jimmy finished second while attending just 8, Sammy, third, attended 13 and Johnny finished fourth and attend 6.

Shayne and Sammy will both receive 100% of their share due to being above the 10 round attendance requirement. Jimmy will receive 80% of his share (8 / 10 * 100) and Johnny will receive just 60% of his share 6 / 10 * 100).

Using the numbers above the final payouts end up being Shayne with $147.60, Jimmy with $74.88 ($93.60 * 80%), Sammy with $82.95 and Johnny with $30.24 ($50.40 * 60%). The remaining $38.88 is donated to EDGA's general fund.